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This Privacy Policy shall, to the fullest extent permitted by your state of jurisdiction, apply to each and every User. This Website shall grant access to jurisdictions, countries or other territories in which the sale, advertisement and consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted. Upon entering this Website, Users hereby warrant that they are of sufficient legal age in their respective jurisdiction to consume alcoholic beverages – If you are not of sufficient age, please stop using this Website immediately.


La French Vodka cares about its Users’ privacy. This Privacy Policy regulates all aspects of collection and usage of Your Personal information that International Business Solutions ltd (hereinafter La French Vodka) processes either manually or automatically on the La French Vodka’s Website (

End User License Agreement

To the extent as permitted by your jurisdiction, country, state or territory on advertisement and sale of alcoholic beverages, La French Vodka hereby grants you a non-exclusive and non-transferrable license to use of this Website’s content and services. This license limited to personal use, and is further limited according to any Terms or Contract La French Vodka stipulates with you. Applicable Licensing Terms may be displayed at an accessible place or visible to you.


The Agreement may be concluded by natural persons, legal entities and organizational units, to whom the act grants the ability to perform acts in law. This Agreement may not be concluded with any natural persons not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages, under the individual’s jurisdiction. The age of majority is specified by the law of a country from the respective User’s state of birth. In case of doubts concerning the age of majority for a specific User, the Service may verify such a status by demanding the presentation of documents confirming the status of the respective User. Users, which are at least 18 years of age or older may enter into this Agreement with the Service.
You hereby represent and warrant for the truthfulness, reliability and accuracy of the information provided to the Service for the purposes of registration and account usage, as well as for any questions or required information regarding the offered services by the Service. You further represent that you are from sufficient legal age and capacity, at least 18 years of age and competent to enter into this agreement.

Age Verification

Prior to purchase of selected products on our Website, the Service shall require a viable proof of the User’s Age, in accordance with La French Vodka’s Terms of Service. The Service may refuse to grant access or license to any User who/which does not comply with the age restrictions set forth in the Service’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, or is contrary to your respective jurisdiction rules.
Law enforcement and Inquiries of potential abuse La French Vodka may disclose your personal information in the range which is necessary under applicable law, in connection with any current or future legal proceedings in order to constitute or defend its respective legal rights. La
French Vodka may further disclose your personal information upon request of State authorities, in a range and manner prescribed by applicable law. In the event of any disclosure, La French Vodka WILL NOT disclose more information than the minimal range which is prescribed by governing law. La French Vodka reserves the right, but not the obligation to initiate personal inquiries of potential abuse and/or misbehavior personally or upon filed reports or complaints, regarding any Users’ activity. Any investigation or inquiry will be at the sole discretion of La French Vodka and it will include any steps that La French Vodka finds appropriate.

Note that these steps may include disclosing User conduct to one or more entrusted parties.
Type of Data Collected. Technologies in Collecting Data from Users La French Vodka respects the privacy of its users. La French Vodka will NOT treat personal information of any kind
in any other manner, apart from the one prescribed by applicable UK Law, and the manner which is further prescribed in this Privacy policy. Any information you provide, namely for subscription, registration, transaction or other purposes is presumed to be given willingly, and will be used exclusively to follow the aforementioned purposes.
La French Vodka may collect and use in a manner prescribed by this Privacy policy’s provisions the following personal information: – Information of your use of this Website; – Information you provide in order to register with the Website; – Information you provide in order to subscribe to Newsletters and other Website services (including your: e-mail address or other profile credentials); -Information you provide exclusively in order to purchase Products, merchandise or services via this Website. La French Vodka may use your personal information to further: Administer the Website, publish your information on the Website; Generate content from your personal information and publish it
on the Website; – Personalize your Website experience and/or enable access to certain sections of the Website (including, but not limited to: purchased or exclusive Website services); – Send you your purchased Products and/or merchandise, statements and/or invoices, special offers, newsletters and/or other marketing communications etc. or to collect payments from you.

Cookies and Clear GIFs
Certain information is gathered and stored in log files. This information includes the IP address, browser type, ISP, OS, Date and Time Stamp and Clickstream data. This information does NOT identify individual Users nor can closely distinguish Users. This information is utilized to administer the site and to track Users’ movements across the Website. Cookies are small pieces of data stored locally on the Users’ Browsers. Session ID cookies are used and utilized to maintain Users’ subscriptions and accounts. Information stored in cookies cannot closely distinguish Users. Session Cookies are utilized to improve navigation on our site.
Session Cookies expire once you close your browser. La French Vodka’s Website may include
advertisements in various forms. Please note that La French Vodka does not regulate the advertisement content policy of its Partner Websites, Software or Services. La French Vodka reserves the right to use cookies and other monitoring technologies to compile anonymous statistics about its Users. La French Vodka does not believe that this monitoring could lead to disclosing your identity. You can manually change your cookie preferences. Clear gifs are small graphic files embedded in a Website to track the online movements of Users. In contrast to Cookies, Clear Gifs are not stored on your computer. La French Vodka does not tie online movement or Website usage data to personal information. Google AdSense is a third-party advertising service to provide you with specific targeted advertisements according to your preferences, according to your behavior and searches on the Internet. We use Google Analytics as our third-party statistic provider, which gathers certain information from User behavior on Our Website. The information both Services gather are not personal information like your name, personal or e-mail address or telephone number, but rather information about you’re browsing on the internet and behavior on Our Website.

Communications from the Website

La French Vodka will occasionally send information on Products, Services, special deals, promotions or Newsletters you have subscribed to. Please note that some of these information shall display alcoholic beverage advertisements. You may choose not to receive these types of communications by opting out. La French Vodka may also send you service-related announcements on rare occasions if it’s necessary to do so. These communications are not promotional in nature, and if you wish to not receive these announcements, you have the option of deactivating your account. Please note that La French Vodka may also use Third-party delivery systems to contact you and provide you information via e-mail. These systems do not retain, store, use or share your personal information other than the stated purpose.

Information Collection. Range of Use.

Any forms you fill will notify you of the range of publication of specific personal information details. Keep in mind that sensitive information cannot be published on the Internet. You hereby agree to cross-borders transfers of your information. Any personal information necessary for the registration and/or your identification while entering into contract (acquiring) a specific service or subscription provided by La French Vodka trough this Website will be used only for the purposes of registration, identification and/or possible
delivery. Personal information collected by La French Vodka is primarily used to customize Your User
experience this may include personalized Services, communications and other Services, which are provided by La French Vodka. Personal information may also be utilized to deliver you personalized advertisements. Advertisers however do NOT have access to your personal information. Advertising is realized in the form of banner ads or promotional e-mails. Promotional e-mails and other forms of marketing communications may be manually set according to your preferences.

Opting out
In certain aspect of usage, Users are given the opportunity to opt-out of having their personal information used for certain purposes. Firstly and as stated in the introductory clauses, all further usage of your personal information is subject to your further consent. You therefore have the choice of denying us access or not providing us this information. Secondly, you may manually change the preferences of the range of use of personal information manually (if allowed) or directly contact via e-mail, post or telephone number, or by using our Online Support service located on our Website.

La French Vodka takes security very seriously. That is why industry-standard Encryption technology is utilized to safely store your personal information. La French Vodka follows accepted industry standards during the process of submission, transmission and acceptation of personal information. No method so far is 100% accurate, but we are committed in caring for the information you share with us in the best way possible. All of our employees are kept up to date in regards of privacy practices. Personally, identifiable information is kept in a secure environment. If you have any questions in regards to our Security protocols, please do not hesitate to contact us. This service, as a legal person bound by ethics and etiquette, will disclose any security breaches which might occur on this Website in the case such breach does occur and our Staff acquires knowledge of it. Users registered and all other possibly affected parties shall be notified via the information provided on this Website. If La French Vodka does not disclose such a breach knowingly and within a reasonable time period from such an occurrence, Users may seek relief from the Service.

Usage of Collected Data
All of the aforementioned methods of data collecting are collected to allow La French Vodka to provide the User its services, as well as:
 Provide the User Access to third party services’ accounts
 Analytics, Infrastructure monitoring and Commercial affiliation, Advertising and Traffic optimization
 Contacting the User, managing Contacts and sending Messages
 Communication with trusted third-party Social Networks and Platforms
 Registration, Authentication, Support of User
 Handling and processing Payments

This Website may advertise or sell alcoholic beverages. La French Vodka discourages drunk driving, excessive use of alcohol by any person, underage drinking or other forms of abuse of alcohol. Excessive use of alcoholic beverages may have short-term to long-term health implications. We advise all Users to take into consideration the health implications that excessive alcohol usage may have.
Effects of alcohol consumption range from cardioprotective health benefits for low to moderate alcohol consumption in industrialized societies with higher rates of cardiovascular disease to severe detrimental effects in cases of chronic alcohol abuse. Health effects associated with alcohol intake in large amounts include an increased risk of alcoholism, malnutrition, chronic pancreatitis, alcoholic liver disease and cancer. Damage of the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system can occur from chronic alcohol abuse. Long-term use of alcohol by any person is capable of damaging nearly every organ and system in the human body. Children and adolescents may be particularly vulnerable to the effects of alcohol consumption. Pregnant mothers risk exposing their child to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum disorders (FASDs) by consuming alcohol, and may have other health
implications on the child in development.

Third-Party Services. Defective performance of third-party Service providers.
The Service allows you to gather data from third-party services and data sources, without exclusion to third-party Websites. These Sources are used and utilized at the sole discretion of the Service, and the Service reserves the right to discontinue or change using such sources at any given time. The Service does not assume any liability from the data and/or content from such sources and services. Users have the sole responsibility of obtaining any consensus or authorization, if any is needed, for the usage of this Service or processing of the available data. The Service takes no responsibility for any information processing made on its behalf, as Users warrant that they have obtained all authorizations and/or consensus from the data sources for further usage of the provided data.
This service may be used as an add-on to third-party services and software. We do not assume any liability for such third-party services and software, and you are solely and exclusively responsible for obtaining any licenses, consent or authorizations needed for the use of data.

Third-party services and Websites may be made available throughout the Service. In order for you to use these third- party services, you must read and understand all usage restrictions and other Terms and Policies of the appropriate third-party service and/or Website. This Service disclaims all liability arising out of defective performance of linked services and/or Website, unless expressly assumed within this Agreement. Upon being prompted by a follow-up link to a third-party service and/or Website, you are bound by a different set of Terms and Policies that govern the usage of the appropriate third-party service or Website, and you further understand that you use the third-party service or Website at your own risk. We recommend using due diligence and familiarizing yourself with the Terms and Policies prior to usage of the services you are prompted to. Please note that this Service does not endorse, promote or otherwise market the third-party Websites and/or services, unless expressly and appropriately stated within our Website.
This Service may contain ads and promotions from third parties. Your business dealings, correspondence or other contact made throughout these ads and promotions falls outside the Service’s scope of control, and, as such, the Service disclaims all liability arising from these dealings, contacts or correspondence.

Continuity of these Terms
La French Vodka reserves the right to discontinue any portion of the whole service with or without previous notice. La French Vodka is not to be held liable for such discontinuance. Any concluded sales will survive the discontinuance of this service, and shall be executed in accordance with the rules stated forth herein. Otherwise, the active Orders as per these Terms of Service are to be deemed as closed, with refunds under Section 5 to ensue. . Every older version of these documents is superseded with the issuing of a renewed version. In case of change of our Terms of Service or Privacy Policy, we may notify you, where appropriate. The Service reserves the right to not issue an explanation in the case of modification of these Terms of Service. La French Vodka reserves the right to discontinue
any portion of the whole service with or without previous notice. La French Vodka is not to be held liable for such discontinuance. Any concluded sales will survive the discontinuance of these Terms of Service, and are to be executed on behalf of La French Vodka. Every older version of these documents is superseded with the issuing of a renewed version. In case of change of our Terms of Service or Privacy Policy, we will notify you on this Web page, by email, or by means of notice on our Home Page.
This Service may suspend the granted license to use the Website to any User who/which is not compliant with the age restrictions, restrictions have been imposed in the User’s jurisdiction, country, state or territory, or in the case that these Terms are rendered as invalid in the jurisdiction of the respective User, due to strict regulation or prohibition of selling and/or advertising alcoholic beverages in the jurisdiction of the respective User.

Void Where Prohibited
If any provision of this Agreement, as applied to either party or to any circumstances, shall be found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable but would be enforceable if some part were deleted or the period or area of application were reduced, then such provision shall apply with the modification necessary to make it enforceable, and shall in no way affect any other provision of this Agreement or the validity or enforceability of this Agreement. This Website shall not operate in any jurisdiction, state, country or territory in which the advertisement and/or selling of alcoholic beverages is forbidden.

Limitation of Liability
You hereby agree to indemnify and hold La French Vodka, it’s owner Company, Representatives and Partners harmless from and against any loss, cost, damage and expense, including but not limited to: attorneys' fees and court costs, arising directly or indirectly from Your use of the La French Vodka’s Website, software or services and/or Your breach of any representation, warranty or restriction contained in this agreement. You expressly agree that you shall withhold of class action suits against the Service, and that all (if any) proceedings against the Service occur, such shall be handled on an individual basis, based on rules established and agreed to in these Terms of Service. If
any lawsuits are to occur, you agree that your action will not supersede the amount of 100 EUR, or the expenses made whilst using this Service, whichever is greater.

Nothing in this Agreement affects the contractual liberty of both parties. Nothing in these Terms of Service positions the Service as a Party in a mutually-accepted agreement between a specific Buyer and User Listing. The Service disclaims all liability from actions caused by any Buyer or User Listing on the Service. If, by court order, operation or interpretation of law, the Service has been deemed as liable for any costs or damages by actions of any Users and/or Visitors of the Service, La French Vodka reserves full regress claims toward any User. La French Vodka’s Website, content and services are all provided on an “as is” and “as offered” basis. La French Vodka does not unilaterally provide any express or implied terms, representations, warranties or conditions. La French Vodka, its employees,
offices, agents or other representatives are further not liable, to the maximum extent permitted by law for any: direct, indirect, special or consequential loss; business or private losses, including: income, savings, or profit loss, loss of contract, loss of goodwill or representations loss, warranty loss, data corruption, personal loss. The aforementioned limitations are voided in the exclusive case that La French Vodka has willingly voided its limitation of liability in a specific Set of Terms and/or Contract. Limitations apply in the case that La French Vodka had been advised of the potential loss. La French Vodka does not take any responsibility for the unreasonable behavior of visitors and/or third
parties. Furthermore, La French Vodka does not take any responsibility for publishing any content, which is not in any way meant to constitute and/or provide any type of professional advice. La French Vodka is further not responsible in any way, to no extent in the unlikely case of severe host and/or server failure or breach, or any other Vis major, which is not in scope of La French Vodka’s ability to control. This disclaimer cannot and will not exclude any warranty or liability implied by UK Governing law, will not exclude and/or limit any warranty or liability which is illegal or unlawful to limit or exclude in compliance with UK Governing law. You hereby understand this liability limitation statement, and are fully compliant with it in its entirety.

Dispute-Resolution and Applicable Law
The Parties agree to solve all disputes or controversies, including those arising from termination of employment in a manner other than filing court actions. Alternative dispute-resolution prevents statute barring of the rights and obligations arising from this Agreement. If these dispute-resolving methods prove unsuccessful, they are to commence court proceedings. If any provision of this Agreement is, or is to be found by an appropriate authority, unenforceable under governing law, that will not affect the enforceability of any other provisions of this Agreement.

The parties covenant and agree that the applicable and usable law according to which this agreement will be governed will be the law in accordance with the place of establishment of La French Vodka. This law shall further regulate all disputes or litigation arising from the content of this contract or its execution, accordingly.

In Accordance with Article 3 of Regulation Rome I, the Parties hereby agree that the applicable and usable law on this Agreement is the law of UK. Any disputes arising out of this Agreement, who are to be solved in a court of law, shall be presented before appropriate UK court authorities, as designated under UK statutes on civil procedure. All aspects not regulated by this Agreement shall be further governed by UK Law.

Termination of this Agreement
Termination of this Agreement may occur immediately as per the Service’s reserved rights in this Agreement. Termination of this Agreement on your behalf expressly means discontinuance of any subscription plans and paid services and deletion of your user profile. Please note that no refunds are issued for the unused prepaid paid services, and no renewals of subscriptions occur in the case you decide to re-register with our service. All due obligations of the Service to the Users shall be waived once this Agreement is terminated on the User’s behalf.

Nothing in these Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, written correspondence between the Users and the Service, or other Legally-binding agreements you have intended to enter into, or have already entered into, are constructed in order to limit Consumer Protection rights as per the laws of your respective jurisdiction.

La French Vodka’s failure to act in a particular circumstance does not waive the ability to act in respect to the specific circumstance or circumstances similar to it. If any provision of these Terms is rendered invalid by statutory provisions, interpretation of law or its application, rendered unenforceable, it shall not affect the remainder of these terms. The remaining terms shall stay in full force and effect. Section headings are made for convenience. They do not have to correspond with the content of the appropriate section and do not have any legal effect. In the event that
La French Vodka goes through a business transition (merger, acquisition, sale of assets etc.), your personal information and content uploaded by you will likely be among the assets transferred accordingly to the title of transfer under which the information and content are being owned or used by the Service. You will be notified via e-mail of any such change of ownership of your personal information. La French Vodka takes no responsibility for any possible failure of servers or other Vis Major outside the reasonable scope of the Service’s control, which may result in
temporary unavailability of the Service. Providing feedback may be possible by any given means within the Service. All feedback given in the form of user comments, blog posts or similar feeds shall be available to the World Wide Web. Please refrain from using any obscenity or profanity, as the Service reserves all discretional rights as per this Agreement. All questions or other inquiries made directly to the service may be sent at the designated email address in the Contact section of our Service.